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Travel the Seven Seas by Cargo Ship.

This site aims to inspire you to plan a journey of a lifetime. Discover the largest part of our planet very few people ever truly get to see and enjoy the vast expanse of the ocean on a stress free journey on board a modern day cargo ship.

tea safety barbecue
Imagine yourself walking along the uncrowded deck of a mighty cargo ship and watch the wide expanse of the ocean go by, spotting dolphins, fish and birds along your way.
After a hearty meal with the captain and the officers and the few fellow passengers you can watch the spectacular sunset.
A journey on a cargo ship could well be the most rewarding experience in your lifetime.
gantries cabin view
A cargo ship will take you from where all land based transport leaves you stranded and it can take you to places where no cruise liner will stop. And there are no organized activities keeping you from travelling in the most relaxing way, with all the time at your disposal.
And the choice of trips is almost endless: From coastal trips within Europe or around the Mediterranean to round the world voyages; all are possible.
Go by ship from Europe to Singapore and then around South East Asia overland. Cross the ocean from the USA to Latin America. Alternatively how about a unique winter escape from Europe to the summer in South Africa or to the tropical climes of the Caribbean. Why not embark on a voyage around the world in 80 days, following the lead of Jules Verne?
The world and its oceans are there for you to explore and aboard a cargo ship is a novel way to experience the planet's richness and diversity.

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